Virtual Reality

Getting Started - Virtual Reality Pong

My first game built for VR was VRPong. It was a simple game of pong with a sci-fi / holographic look. It was built using 3Ds Max, Photoshop and Unity5. The target hardware was the Oculus Development Kit 2. The game was shared on the old website and was downloaded thousands of times and even had some let’s play videos on YouTube.

A Step Up - First Person Shooters

My next venture in VR was a shooting game demo using the DK2. The DK2 didn’t have motion controllers so gun control was using the head. This demo features shields and slow motion.

The demo was never released but I repurposed the demo into an Oculus Rift course which can be found on Udemy.

Now with Motion Controllers - First Person Shooters

I am currently working on a VR project using the consumer Oculus Rift and controllers. My other goal is to keep my skills up to date with blueprints in unreal engine 4.