Final fantasy VIII - Squall


I had originally built the Gunblade for a 3D printing project, however, I decided to create the rest of the character to keep my skills fresh in the character design workflow. The base mesh was created in 3Ds Max for a good topology and later exported to Zbrush for detailing. Zbrush was used to create clothing and also the retopologized mesh.

3Ds Max was used to unwrap the retopologized mesh as well as creating the hair and fur. The character is split into three material ID’s: body face and hair and exported for substance painter. I tend to use materials and fill layers for a non-destructive workflow. The hair was textured and masked in Photoshop.

The beauty renders shown were displayed in Marmoset 3 and the model was also rigged and skinned using 3Ds Max. I later exported this into UE4 and retargeted animations from the third person character.

Lastly, I also experimented with Adobe Mixamo’s rigging and animation tools to effectively create animations on the fly. There were also imported into Unreal and setup with Persona as shown in the video.

Software Used