Dare to be Digital - Badgers Vs. Turtles


Badgers Vs. Turtles was a turn-based mobile game built using the Unreal Development Kit. It was part of the Dare to be Digital competition in Scotland and the game was built over a very short period of two months. My role was the creation of art assets and implementation of all assets in-engine. The game was shown at an event in Dundee, Scotland where thousands of people got to play the game.


Tasks on BvT included.

  • Creation of characters and environments (Along side with Steven Daord)
  • Rigging and animation of characters (CAT)
  • Setup of character and environment art assets in UE3
  • Mobile optimisation
  • Shader creation
  • Particle effect creation
  • Recording of dialogue and creation of audio effects
  • Creation of promotional content