Scott Wilson

3D Artist and Lecturer


Welcome to Scott Wilson 3D, I am… Scott Wilson. I have been studying, researching, developing and working with Digital Technology for the past ten years. I have a deep love for any technology allowing me to create awesome things. From Photography, 3D graphics, video, 3D printing, Virtual Reality and much more.

I’m professionally qualified in the field of games design and have previously worked as a freelance game artist and game developer for various clients. Recently I have been involved with many educational programs in Ireland and further ashore.

My current passion is in Instructional Design, creating modern and user-friendly E-Learning experiences compatible with all modern digital devices.


Adobe CC
3D Modelling
Game Engines
Procedural Texturing
Web Development
Motion Capture
  • Scott is great to work with. He’s talented, helpful, has a real interest in a wide range of subjects within digital games and is a fabulous lecturer. I had the pleasure of working with Scott at Cenit College from 2013-2015 where we shared classrooms in Limerick and Dublin. He’s organised, knowledgeable and a superstar co-worker. I’d highly recommend him and he’d be an asset in any organisation.

    C. Fitch

    Lecturer, Composer, Sound Designer

  • I’m glad I was able to work with Scott. On top of being a hard worker, he is an expert in what he does. Scott has an eye for detail and a passion for the industry and it would be a benefit to any studio that hires him.

    T. Nguyen

    Associate Animator at Blizzard Entertainment

  • Scott was my lead lecturer in game development, and I’ve rarely encountered someone who was so passionate about his industry. His ease of use with the software and his ‘show, rather than tell’ approach not only made learning easy but transferred his passion to everyone in his class. Scott is someone you can rely on to encourage enthusiasm about his industry with everyone he encounters.

    D. Mulqueen

    Student who previously worked at Zenimax (Galway) and Blizzard (Cork)

  • Scott was great to work with, demonstrating a core understanding of technical design and creative flair. He was easy to get on with and was highly motivated whilst working remotely. I would definitely consider working with Scott again.

    D. Rocha

    Managing Director at Toxic Games

  • Worked in 2011/2012 with Scott Wilson on a Flash project for a UK charity carried out as part of an MSc at Staffordshire University; found Scott to be technically aware, diligent, and very professional and reliable.

    D. Pietroni

    Students together at Staffs